About us

Who are we

We are a Small Business Marketing Consultancy firm and we help small businesses grow into Big Businesses! We are very passionate about Marketing! And that keeps us coming up with BIG IDEAS that can transform the way small business does business. Our expertise in marketing will help us analyze the problems, identifying the underlying causes, develop strategies and implement them for success.

In a nutshell, we are your outsourced marketing department who will work with a clear purpose to create and implement a decisive marketing plan that would bring exceptional results to your business.

Whether you are an established business looking for growth, start-up business or simply looking for a marketing function that can understand your customers better and plan promotions, implement sales-oriented marketing activities, lead generation and improve digital presence, we have just what you needed.

What is Marketing?

To understand the importance of proper marketing, It is key to understand what exactly Marketing means. Many assume that the Marketing is equals to Advertising. But that’s not all true. In fact, Marketing is about Identifying, understanding, communicating and satisfying your customers.

While we understand that anyone can do marketing, does not mean everyone can do it effectively. it starts from as basic as the colours of your business logo to all the way up to how the customer receive your product. It is a sophisticated process that starts from Research, Strategize, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation & Monitoring.

Our core objective is to find ways to increase ROI from minimum marketing spend!

Why Marketing?

A small business rarely wants to remain small. Most of the big companies today were once started as a small business. It was their marketing strategy and tactics that took the business to the next level. It is the reason why most big companies have their own marketing department with qualified and experienced professionals.

Unlike most of the other functions in a business, marketing is constantly evolving. Everyday there are new ways and means are found to promote products and services. The concept of 360 ̊ marketing has at least more than 50 methods of marketing tactics and 100s of medium to execute them in Sri Lanka.

How do we do it

We are not your ordinary ad agency. We have a simple yet sophisticated process. We work with you, understand in-depth about your business,
study and compare with local and international players, develop an individualized marketing plan and help implement it.

We will start by having a casual friendly chat with you to understand the business requirement you have and whether we can help you with the same.

Once we agreed on moving forward, we will take a deep look at your business. A critical marketing analysis is necessary for a strong and sustainable plan.

While we do the long term strategy and plan, we will make some short term executions for us to see some results happening.

'Content is King!' Thus we will put some extra effort and time coming up with strong story for your brand or business. This story will take your brand to the next level

Once we are all set, it is time implement. While implementing the plans agreed, constant monitoring and adjustment is important to understand the progress of the campaigns

How are we different from having your own

As a small business owner you maybe stuck with loads of work. Doing and continuously improving your marketing function maybe a difficult thing. On the contrary you may appoint your own marketing manager. As a small business owner, although having your own manager could benefit you in number of ways, there are areas which we as a marketing consultancy firm can help you achieve. Following are few.


Quality of work






Do it by yourself

or with a manager

Typically, one person who may or may not have specialized or experienced in marketing

It is hard to hire one person who would be able provide quality of work in every aspect of marketing

An employee typically requires full time work while the business may not require the same

Typically, the same employee become redundant in his/her without continuous development in marketing

An employee will become a liability to business even if he/she doesn’t deliver. Managing, monitoring and terminating becomes a burden.

A qualified Chartered Marketer with experience will typically cost from Rs.200,000 to Rs.250,000/month



A Chartered Marketer with a team of experts in different fields within marketing with experience ranging from local conglomerates to multinational companies

The team ensures quality of work in every aspects of marketing, proven with credentials and experience 

The work gets done without becoming a burden on to the management

TMD invests in people development and ensure that its staff stay up-to-date in constantly evolving marketing

Works with an agreement that provides ease of monitoring and flexibility for exiting from services at any time

The cost will vary based on individual requirement which starts from Rs.40,000/month onwards


We are a Marketing Consultancy firm and we focus on the entire 360 degree marketing than just on digital marketing. While we believe digital is important, so as other marketing methods. Because remember your customers human beings who will move to places and experience various things, not just in mobile phones.
We work with you and understand the different aspects of the business. We will then come up with proposal on how we can help you with your marketing efforts. With our 'Department' package we will offer you full service of managing your marketing function.
While we believe in what we do will get you results, we cannot offer any guarantees. Simply because, while marketing will help you improve awareness, engagement and purchase, there are lot of other aspects of business such as the quality of the product/service, after sales service, location, past experience etc will influence the ultimate results.
We normally advise you to go on the specified packages for which we will charge a monthly fee for our work. However, if you decide to go for a specific service or one time service, we will charge you one-time fee.