Entrepreneurship: the sexy or the taken for granted?

It is not unusual that we hear the word of Entrepreneurship quite often these days. In fact, in this digital era, almost everyone believe that they can become and entrepreneur overnight, especially among the millennials. There is nothing wrong in that. Indeed, anyone becoming an entrepreneur is a reality today. Especially with the internet and social media opening up new ways for people to do business. Particularly for those who are stuck indoors all these time, have found new ways to earn money without getting in to a full time employment or have the capital to set up their own business. Global companies such as Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon, Uber, AirBnB and local companies such as PickMe, oDoc have create these opportunities for anyone to startup a business with the resources they already have in hand.

Entrepreneurial companies
Entrepreneurial companies

This change in the last 10 – 15 years have created a stigma in the minds of people that Entrepreneurship is the right way forward, thus working for corporates have literally become a bad thing. Public speeches, workshops and marketing of some of these companies have created this stigma of working for corporate companies and moving up in the career is no longer Sexy!

However, one must realize that entrepreneurship is not a new thing to the world. Anyone from your next door grocery owner to Richard Branson are entrepreneurs. In fact, the companies that are considered corporates today, once have started as small business by an entrepreneur. Thus, what is small entrepreneurship today will become a large corporate in future if successful. Hence, it is a cycle and it is a fact that not everyone needs to become an entrepreneur and can succeed in life moving up the career.

So what makes you conclude whether you are an entrepreneur or a successful employee

  1. Passion

    Entrepreneur or an employee, you still need to be passionate about doing what you do. The moment you lose that passion whether being an entrepreneur or an employee you will lose progress in life. Losing passion overtime is normal. When one finds what he/she does no longer interesting and viable, it is natural to lose passion. In this situation, an employee will be able to make the transition without much risk and cost, where as an entrepreneur will struggle to change especially when he/she is stuck with obligations.


  1. Work-life balance

    Typically an employee will have a good balance of work and life. Whereas an entrepreneur may struggle with the commitments thus making him/her sacrifice that balance for the sake of work. Having said that successful entrepreneurs blend their work in to day-to-day life and not feel that they are losing precious moments of their life. So boils down to whether you need your weekends off to spend differently.


  1. Unlimited earnings

    It is obvious that successful entrepreneurs earn the highest in this world for the risks they have taken compared to successful employees. An entrepreneur has the opportunity to increase the earnings in shorter time whereas an employee will have to wait till the next increment or the career change. So if you are person who think you have potential and opportunity to increase the income steadily and sustainably, you can be successful entrepreneur.


At the end of the day, both being an entrepreneur and being an employee has pros and cons. There is no right or wrong. No pathway guarantees you success unless you figure out where you belong and when exactly you should make that change. All what matters is whether you are successful in your area of work or not.

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